About The Trabelle Bug


Belle is a 24-year old free spirit who grew up in Manila, Philippines but is currently living the Basque life in Bilbao, Spain. While she has a wide variety of interests and passions in life (literally from dissecting films in the Nouvelle Vague era to watching videos of cats playing speed cups), travel is in fact the one thing that sets her soul on fire (that’s not entirely true; there are several other things that get the oxytocin running such as high quality cuddles and gelato).


A long time ago I decided that I wanted to forge my own path. I decided that the life I wanted to live was one filled with adventures, moments, and experiences. I wanted to collect memories and not material things. I wanted to see what this round, blue planet had to offer in this lifetime.  I knew early on that travel, in the many forms it can take on, was the only way I could do all that and more.


The Trabelle Bug is a humble space on the interwebz started for the sole purpose of sharing travel experiences, tips, adventures, misadventures, and everything else in between. In essence, it is an honest effort to inspire other creative souls to get out there and to enjoy life, ’cause it’s the only thing we’ve got right now.

Let’s all just have a good time.