In Between Travel Burn-out and Wanderlust

Ever since moving to Bilbao in October, I have found little luck and few opportunities when it comes to updating my travel blog. Every so often I urge myself to write; I firmly yet lovingly force myself to produce anything, even if it turns out to be of sub-par quality. For a while it truly seemed as though work and school had devoured me whole; at least until I realized I was yet again enveloped in a state not so alien to me after all.

Pretending to be Arya Stark in the Water Gardens on my most recent trip to Seville, Spain

The signs are consistent each time. First, I get excited about an upcoming trip and then I quickly remember all the others I have been on that have not, to this day, been given the attention they are due. Soon enough I catch myself visualizing the almost immeasurable amount of gigabytes in picture format that have yet to be sorted. On top of that, my own memory is noticeably slowing down and failing me more than ever. Likewise, it doesn’t help that these days all I ever think about when I actually have time to pause and reflect are potential topics for my presentation in Global Problems class.

Discovering new places that I can’t quite describe just yet in Italica, Santiponce, Spain

Almost immediately after all of that comes the ever-predictable “I don’t want to travel for a while” period, usually coupled with an emotionally-charged rant about the “too harsh for my tropical Asian complexion” winter season. As soon as I recognize how familiar this scenario is, I find myself hopping on a plane again to yet another destination, coming back on a definite high, and ultimately starting the dreaded cycle again. Much to my dismay, it has, time and again, proven to be an assembly line of events that runs like clockwork.

When I am stuck in the in-between, the only remedy I have found effective so far is gratitude. Travel burn out and wanderlust are, more than anything, states of being that I should be most thankful for and feel privileged to undergo. Not everyone gets to experience either, let alone both, at least not in a manner that ultimately leaves them fulfilled. And yet I constantly find myself in this cycle which has, without a doubt, contributed the most to the amount of growth that I have gone through in the past three years of essentially and accidentally embodying the ways of a true digital nomad.

Revisiting a place I have always loved but never shared in Seville, Spain

Perhaps I truly have come into my own as a travel blogger to even go through the motions of temporarily running out of steam as both a writer and a traveler. Although I am convinced that this blog probably deserves more attention than it is currently getting (from me), I also know that the tide will change and the cycle will sync and once again I will be able to express myself in ways that most likely (based on experience) only a three-month long vacation from life can warrant. But until that day comes, I hope this space, as well as the people that so willingly appreciate it, grows more and more patient with me as I seek to go out and see more of the world every chance I get.

After all, I am a traveler first and a blogger second.